Fandom Crossroads currently leads to websites on Star Trek, HBO's OZ, LOTR RPS + FPS, Harry Potter, Supernatural and Anne Rice's _Vampire Chronicles_. Each site specializes in a different fandom that can include fan fiction and/or multimedia files.

Material that may not be suitable for all audiences is also available through this site such as works with mature content and/or slash, which is defined as a pairing or relationship between characters of the same gender. Visitors of these sites are responsible for avoiding material one may be uncomfortable with.

Infinite diversity through infinite combinations or possibilities has been a foundation for the many ideas writers have conceived. The ASC* Archive/Trekiverse showcases a multitude of Star Trek fan fiction, featuring all series incarnations, primarily from the Alt.StarTrek.Creative* groups.
Enter the ASC* Archive/Trekiverse.

As Shaw once said, to define the limits of the possible, one must go beyond the possible and into the impossible. HBO's OZ explores this concept by placing characters in extreme situations, testing how far they can go. It's where there's no simple black or white nor good or bad.
Enter the C5 Archive.

Where fantasy becomes reality through fiction, Lord of the Rings real person (LOTR RPS) and fictional character (LOTR FPS) slash merge on one site, along with a touch of Harry Potter fanfic.
Enter the Mirrormere Archive.

Ties of blood and shared history create more than a brotherly bond between Sam and Dean Winchester from the series, Supernatural. Site contains both gen and slash fiction leading toward Wincest.
Enter the Sam/Dean Slash Archive.

Cross this threshold and enter a domain dominated by the vampires of Anne Rice. A realm of the preternatural... Have you said your goodbyes to the light?
Enter The Chronicles.

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