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News: Season six is finished filming and will be the last season of Oz. Reruns of episodes are currently being shown on HBO Zone (11pm EST on Thursdays for S2) and HBO2 (10pm EST on Saturdays for S4.1). Oz's S1 is now officially released on DVD/VHS. The DVDs have extra content. Season two on DVD/VHS was mentioned for release in October 2002 with S3 to be released beginning of 2003.

As Shaw once said, to define the limits of the possible, one must go beyond the possible and into the impossible. Oz explores this concept by placing characters in extreme situations, testing how far they can go. It's where there's no simple black or white nor good or bad.

Just as the series pushes its characters, fans further extend those limits by exploring aspects, which otherwise might never be seen. Also, since Oz was designed for a mature audience, this site is as well.

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C5 is a non-profit, unofficial website for Oz created to share interest and promote the series. Rights to
Oz belong to HBO, Levinson/Fontana, Rysher, and Viacom. For notes on browser preferences and navigation, see the contact page.

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Nathan, Ryan and Cyril O'Reily from 'Bill of Wrongs'

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