Fiction references for each work usually follows this format:

OZ Title -- by Author
Posted: date on file in yyyy-mm-dd format**
Series  Rating  Character  (Type)  Size  Created Series
Summary or Synopsis Information

Clicking the title will bring up the file. While clicking the author's name will bring up a listing of additional fiction titles the person has credited to their name.

**yyyy-mm-dd format is where 'yyyy' equals the year, 'mm' is the month, and 'dd' is the day

Not all parts may be included if they aren't applicable to the work.

[PG] = content not considered appropriate for all audiences
[R] = material which brings up adult themes/language
[NC17] = graphic content for adult/mature audiences only
** 'Split' ratings like [PG/R] and [R/NC17] are also acceptable.

Ad = Adebisi, Simon
Al = Alvarez, Miguel
B = Beecher, Tobias
Hi = Hill, Augustus
Ho = Howell, Claire
K = Keller, Chris
Mc = McManus, Tim
Mur = Murphy, Sean
Muk = Mukada, Ray
Glo = Nathan, Gloria
Cy = O'Reily, Cyril
Ry = O'Reily, Ryan (spelling from HBO scripts)
P = Reimondo, Peter Marie
Sa = Said, Kareem
Sc = Schillinger, Vern

Example of code usage:
B/K = Beecher and Keller

Placement of names was determined by earlier OZ imprisonment year and/or older characters being placed before later imprisonment year and/or younger characters. Prisoners are placed before staff names.

Separators for Character Codes:
/ = sexually involved or intimate relationship
& = relationship (no sex), possibly friendship only
, = featured

Additional Codes (kept in lowercase):
m/f = male/female
f/f = female/female (a 'slash' pairing)
m/m = male/male (a 'slash' pairing)
a/u = alternate universe (non-canon)
h/c = hurt/comfort
het = a pairing involving different genders
slash = a pairing involving the same gender
bdsm = adult themes of sexual acts (bondage, sado-masochism, etc)
non-con = non-consensual activities
drabble = a work comprised of exactly 100 words

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